Snes9x_3ds v1.20リリース


Snes9x_3ds v1.20 リリース




•Fixed slider problem in New 3DS (where one of the eyes always sees a black screen)
•Added button mappings and rapid fire settings like VirtuaNES / TemperPCE 3DS (thanks to AdmiralCurtiss)
•Added button configuration to open emulator menu and fast-forward (thanks to AdmiralCurtiss). Use with care, though. In some games, fast-forwarding can freeze/corrupt your game.
•Added a frame rate option to v-sync with the 60Hz 3DS refresh rate (thanks AdmiralCurtiss)
•Added an option to auto-save state when exiting and loading when starting a new game. (thanks AdmiralCurtiss)
Added an option to force saving of SRAM, required by Yoshi's Island. (thanks AdmiralCurtiss)
•Show 3DS battery level in the bottom right of the menu (thanks ramzinouri)
•Increased scrolling speed in menu when holding down the D-pad.
•Added memory mapper support for Tengai Makyou Zero English Patch (version 1.0 released 22 Oct 2017)
•Supports most original BS Zelda (1-4, Map 2 1-4, Ancient Stone Tablets 1-4), except for the Remix version which still boots into black screen (thanks ramzinouri)


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