TWLoader v6.0.0 Anniversary リリース


TWLoader v6.0.0 Anniversary リリース

大きな更新点はGameBoy/Super GB/GB Colorをサポートしたこと


Support for GameBoy/Super GB/GB Color ROMs added!

You can change ROM type in the DSi (START menu) and Wood themes. ROMs go in sd:/roms/gb. Box art goes in sd:/_nds/twloader/boxart/gb, size should be 128x115, should be in .png format, and must be named game.(s)gb(c).png.

(partial) 3DS theme added!

DSiWare CIAs can now be installed+loaded!

You can now change sound frequency from 32kHz to 48kHz for higher sound quality!

Option for bootstrap loading screen has been added. (Currently only for unofficial bootstrap.)

You can now access Settings in the DSi theme's START menu.

Animated TWLoader logo in Settings screen.

Turkish and Finnish (by Uupo03) translations added.

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